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STOOPS Magazine - Issue 9

STOOPS Magazine - Issue 9

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Stoops Magazine Issue 9 | Fall 2021

Who are the cool kids in skateboarding? Let’s not confuse them with the “cool guys.” While that is very subjective, this issue highlights some of our favorite unique individuals in the skate diaspora. Issue 9 includes:

- Cover: Sam Partaix - BS Smith, (P) Clément Le Gall

- Articles: First Words, Old: Pushing Past 40, In Brief: Elise Hedge, In Brief: Mike Powley, One Offs (Photo Gallery), Documenting The Documenters, Not A Ryan Thompson Interview, The Will Sheerin Interview, Over It.

- Photographers: Clément Le Gall, Dharam Khalsa, Clément Harpillard, Reece Leung, Eby Ghafarian, Mike Heikkila, Marco Hernandez, Changsu, Liam Annis, Cole Giordano, Sean Carabarin, Guru Khalsa, Bradford Bishop, Andrew Peters, Joel Powley.

- Skaters: Sam Partaix, Will Sheerin, Ted Barrow, Alex Willms, Elise Hedge, Mike Powley, Louie Lopez, Ethan Loy, Vincent Milou, Kevin Bilyeu, Shinpei Ueno, Gage Boyle, Max Taylor, Phil Zwijsen, Max Murphy, Sean Paul, Josh Wilson, Leo Valls, Ryan Thompson, Lurker Lou, Dharam Khalsa, Leo Takayama, Treveon Wade, Jason Waters, Thomas Dritsas, Sergio Cadaré, Jimi Nicol, Shaun Currie, Joy Awosika, Olivier Durou, Aymeric Nocus, Alexis Jamet, Dyshon Whidbee, Radeem Walls.

- Writers: Eby Ghafarian, Ted Barrow, Lurker Lou.

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