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Ditch those stripped nuts and bolts and keep those trucks on tight with some new skateboard or longboard hardware. Rattling hardware from loose nuts or stripped bolt heads can be distracting and annoying, so refresh your setup with the highest quality hardware.

Skateboard hardware hasn’t really changed much throughout the years, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to consider when choosing a new set. Hardware varies in length, type and color.

The length of hardware you’ll need will depend on your skateboard setup. If you have a standard skateboard deck and don’t use riser pads you can use ?”-1” bolts. If you’re using riser pads, which will be dependent on your wheel size, you’ll want to make sure that your bolts will be long enough to fit through your deck, risers, trucks and still have room to thread on your nut. If you’re unsure how to figure out what length is right, check out our guide to skateboard hardware.

Classic Phillips head hardware is stocked up, as well as a handful of Allen head hardware. If you’ve never tried Allen hardware, then give it a shot! Either way, your setup will be secured tightly. Just select a color from a brand you like and start ripping on your skateboard or longboard.