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SPEEDLAB NastyBoh Wheels - 56mm/87a

SPEEDLAB NastyBoh Wheels - 56mm/87a

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The 'NastyBoh' is built for all-terrain.  These wheels are 56mm/87A with a center set 70D urethane core which provides a precise bearing seat so regardless of road surface you will enjoy a fast & smooth ride.  These wheels are soft with plenty of grip so you'll be able to roll over rough surfaces without getting hung-up on small cracks or rocks.  This is a perfect wheel for filming, shredding rough/slick terrain or just cruising to the liquor store.  The radial cut provides a highly functional profile & shape made from the best formulas in the world for ultimate speed & control.  Snag a set and get nasty!  Artwork by Alex Hagen. 

Contact patch - 21mm

Color: Red

(Set of 4)

Made in the U.S.A.

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