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SML Grocery Bag V-Cut Wheels 56mm/99a

SML Grocery Bag V-Cut Wheels 56mm/99a

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SML Wheels is about keeping it fun, simple and top notch. Small isn't concerned with dominating the world, they just want to make quality wheels that skateboarders can ride with pride.

Sml keeps their team strong at all times with Austyn Gillette, Mark Suciu, Youness Amrani, Aaron Herrington, Raymond Molinar, Danny Garcia, James Craig, Morgan Smith, Tom Knox, Josh Pall, Chris Jones, Dean Palmer, Anton Myhrvold, Sammy Montano, Mike Arnold, Devine Calloway, Max Geronzi and Justin Drysen.

Sml Grocery Bag 56mm/99a AG formula feathers:

  • V-cut shapes
  • Diameter: 56mm
  • Durameter: 99a 
  • AG formula that's made to roll smoother on rougher surfaces.
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