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GX1000 Bridge Tee - Black

GX1000 Bridge Tee - Black

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GX1000 is the filmer Ryan Garshell and takes its name from the infamous skate cam, the Sony VX1000. Ryan's GX1000 skate clips gained prominence by keeping it real and shooting super raw skateboarding for Thrasher Magazine. Based in San Francisco, California, both Thrasher and GX1000 are staying true to the SF roots and are taking street skating into a new domain. The last GX1000 edit, titled Roll Up was the gnarliest clip yet. It featured a whole new crop of rippers such as Sean Greene and Pablo Ramirez who show no fear as they charge the many hills of SF. The skate video is fast, raw, scary and blood spilled.

The GX1000 clothing collection has gained much respect, just like the video edits on Thrasher. GX1000 hoodies and coach jackets are a favourite for their rugged application and take a few slams. GX1000 decks are in limited supply and GX1000 t-shirts offer a bunch of designs but hurry up, they sell out quick.


GX1000 Bridge T-Shirt - Black

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