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CRAILTAP Wallride Zine

CRAILTAP Wallride Zine

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Crailtap follow the Success of the Bunny Hop book and head back to the printers to bring up Wallride Zine. Those of you who are long enough in the tooth will remember Wallride as the physical catalogue sent to shops to preview new gear and promote their brands. It was always so good so it's amazing to see the name back on paper again.

Featuring photography from Sam Cole, Alex Papke, Fred Simonson, Corey Greengage, Marco Hernandez, Mike Blabac and Fabian Reishenbach.

76 pages including and interview with Breeana Geering by Crailtap co founder and owner Megan Baltimore, Jordan Trahan sitting down and chatting to fellow New Orlean resident Philly Santosuosso, A Slice Of Life with Cory Kennedy, a big old Top 5s with Rowan Davis, a Mike Mo Capaldi interview by Rick Howard and loads more.

ALSO.... for all the skate video nerds out there, there is the mother of all Easter Eggs in here, big big news.

Smiles all round as always from Crailtap.

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