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EVISEN Quatorzaine Tour Duffle Bag

EVISEN Quatorzaine Tour Duffle Bag

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``TOUR DUFFLE BAG'' with a removable deck has been super updated.

The use of two zippers on the top makes it much easier to access the inside of the bag.
Like last time, it can be completely integrated with the deck and can be checked in with your bag at the airport as a carry-on bag.

You can easily fit up to 3 stock decks.
Maximum deck size that can be stored: Width 10in x Height 32in ( Depending on the shape, it may not be possible to store it.)

Of course, it is also possible to attach the deck to the outside as usual.
It has plenty of pockets, and its functionality as a tour bag has also been improved.
It can be used as a large-capacity Boston bag even without a board.

By the way, "QUATORZAINE" is a French word that refers to the 14-day quarantine that was born out of the current coronavirus pandemic.

W87cm x H30cm x D30cm (approx. 78ℓ) 100% Nylon

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