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BLACK MAGIC Ultra Printed Griptape 9"

BLACK MAGIC Ultra Printed Griptape 9"

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Innovating vs. decorating, better grit, better adhesives, longer lasting.  This has been our strategy for almost 30 years and why the best skate shops in the world sell BLACK MAGIC. If  it aint BLACK it's WHACK. 

Black Magic is a skateboard grip tape brand that has been owned by the company Shorty’s since 1992. With twenty years of grip tape experience, you won't find anything better on the market. Black Magic is a high quality grip tape that fits all skateboard decks. With a fine grit texture on one side and and super sticky on the other, there’s nothing more you could ask for! Not a believer of grip tape? Think again! Grip tape provides the right amount of traction for you to stay on your board while doing tricks. Without that added stick, you’re going to slide right off your board, and that’s no fun! Black Magic is the brand that knows what’s best for their riders. Their super sticky grip tape gives you the hold you need for optimum control while riding. Black Magic grip tape will never peel, wear out, or get holes. With a quick and easy application, all you need is a box cutter to fit your tape precisely onto your deck. There’s no need to replace your Black Magic any time soon—their tape is durable and made to outlast any riding condition. Get ready to throw all your other grip tape brands out the door because Black Magic has taken over the industry!

When it comes to skateboard grip tape, Black Magic is all you need for successful skating sessions. Choose Black Magic as your favorite grip tape brand—you won’t be disappointed!

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