Collection: Tightbooth Production

Tightbooth Productions, founded in 2005 in Osaka, Japan by professional skateboarder Shinpei Ueno, produces skate videos, accessories, and unique apparel.

Tightbooth's apparel line is also highly regarded, with its products known for their high quality, unique designs, and durability. The brand's clothing is often worn by both skaters and non-skaters alike and has become a popular staple of Japanese streetwear fashion.

As a skateboard company, Tightbooth started to expand its product line to skateboard products such as skateboard decks in 2021.

The Tightbooth skateboard team is made up of Japanese talented skateboarders, such as Rio Morishige, Ayahiro Uratsuka, Ryuhei Kitazume, and Rinku Konishi.