Collection: Evisen Skateboards

Evisen Skateboards is a Japanese skateboard brand that was founded in Tokyo in 2011 by a Japanese skateboarder named Katsumi Minami.

The brand name EVISEN is derived from the Japanese pronunciation of "everything" and signifies the belief that skateboarding is everything. 

It also references a popular Asian snack, Kappa Ebisen, which is basically like a prawn cracker. The Kappa Ebisen slogan is something along the lines of 'can't stop, can't give up, Kappa Evisen', so the team at Evisen thought it also worked as a reference to their passion to skateboarding.

Evisen has released various products that incorporate witty and original graphics reflecting ancient Japanese traditions and culture, as well as works by artists associated with the brand. The brand's team riders are unique and talented individuals from Japan and abroad.

Although Evisen is based in Tokyo, it has strong ties to Osaka, Sendai, and other major cities in Japan and has also gained international recognition.

Evisen produces skateboard decks, videos, and apparel collections that showcase skateboarders' originality and a pursuit of the essence of skateboarding.