Collection: April Skateboards x Henry Jones

April Skateboards Collaborates with Artist Henry Jones on New Board Series

April Skateboards has recently partnered with artist Henry Jones to release a new board series featuring renowned skateboarders such as Guy Mariano, Yuto Horigame, Shane O'Neill, Ish Cepeda, and Rayssa Leal.

The decks themselves are a masterpiece, showcasing Henry's signature style that fans have come to love and appreciate.

Inspired by iconic photos of each team rider, the graphics on the boards are truly one of a kind.

The only downside is deciding whether to use them for skating or as decor.

These boards are a must-have for any skateboarder looking to add to their collection, and they look even more impressive when presented together as a set.

Overall, this series is definitely worth checking out.