Vans APAC – Petals

Vans APAC – Petals

Vans APAC is proud to present Petals, a skateboarding video that showcases the talents of Australia's Rome Collyer along with Rio Morishige, Daiki Hoshino, Rubianda, Eugene Choi, and the rest of the Vans APAC Skate Team. This diverse group of skaters hails from various parts of Asia, coming together to create a unique and captivating skateboarding experience.

The crew embarked on a journey through Indonesia, South Korea, China, Malaysia, and even a touch of Singapore. Each skater, like a petal on a flower, brings their own unique style and skills to the team, forming a cohesive unit that represents their shared passion for skateboarding.

The video features an impressive lineup of skaters, including Rome Collyer, Rio Morishige, Rubianda, Daiki Hoshino, Eugene Choi, Basral Graito, Toa Sasaki, Hina Maeda, Dede, High Zai, Jojo, Jia Wei, Jia Liang, Sharil Effendy, and Fikri Fauzi. Each skater adds their flair to the mix, creating a dynamic and visually stunning skateboarding experience.

Filmed by Mark Khor and Joy Suryawan, with additional footage provided by Tommy Zhao, BTX, and Rubianda, the video captures the essence of skateboarding in Asia. Produced by Elijah Kislevitz, Petals is a testament to the talent and creativity of the Vans APAC Skate Team.

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