Rowan Davis – Bin Kicker

Rowan Davis – Bin Kicker

Have you ever witnessed a skateboarder defy the odds and make the most out of unconventional skate spots? Rowan Davis, representing Girl Skateboards, Royal Trucks, Modus Bearings, Come Sundown, and Nike SB, alongside filmmaker Will McDonald, takes us on a thrilling tour of his hometown of Newcastle, NSW.

Rowan Davis is not your average skateboarder. He thrives on pushing the boundaries and showcasing his skills in the most unexpected places. With a fearless attitude and unmatched talent, he proves that true skill knows no limits.

From grassy banks to launching out of skips, Rowan Davis and Will McDonald transform mundane surroundings into a skateboarding paradise. Their creativity and resourcefulness shine through as they utilize unconventional street detritus to create jaw-dropping tricks.

Free Skate Mag hails it as the best of the year, showcasing the raw talent and determination of Rowan Davis.

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