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Pocket Skate Mag

POCKET Skate Mag Vol.7

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Pocket Vol. 7

There is no such thing as offseason in skateboarding. But thankfully, the rest of the world is strongly gravitating towards certain times of the year when they travel to certain places. Cities, islands, even whole countries build their tourism industry on these pillars that are holiday seasons. The world should be glad there are skateboarders.
I wouldn’t go as far as calling skateboarders heroes for bringing in some extra cash during these harsh months, but what else would you call it?
It’s a win-win. We get to skate empty plazas, closed hotels, and vacant city centers while we support the local economy by paying low season prices. A nice side effect is that you get to experience the place for what it’s actually like. You get to see it before it puts on the high-season makeup with the fake smile.
This book features some travel suggestions for the next offseason. Sure, there are great offers for Gran Canaria, Barcelona, Lisbon, Mallorca, or Cyprus in the autumn and winter months. But we also encourage you to think outside of the box and go enjoy your own home, like Cologne, during summer while everyone else is paying the full rate for their Mediterranean all-inclusive hotel.
The choice is yours.

160 pages, stitch-binding, made in Germany.

Much Love
Burny & Johannes