DROSHKY Light Polished Trucks 5.25"

  • 1,400.00 ฿

DROSHKY all new upgraded trucks!!! 

GEOMETRY - tighter turning more responsive truck, made turning start quicker and slow down the last half of the turning. the angle of the hanger leaves more clearance for wheels and decks on turning ,to reduce wheel bites.

Gravity casting – Droshky Trucks are made by Gravity Casting. Trucks made by Gravity Casting are more durable as the metal pulled by gravity slowly drops into the mold. The bubbles in the metal are prevented, the processing makes trucks stronger.

Hardcore Bushing – When the hanger web squeezes the bushing, the cushion keep the bushing in current status, held in the center by the hardcore insert, that increases the resistance to turning.

Hollow light – Hollow base plate allowed us to shave off more weight, hollow kingpin keep the Droshky Light 320g. 

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